Ski Accidents

Colorado Ski Accident Lawyer

Colorado is a popular winter sport destination for individuals and families from all over the United States and the world. With the large number of tourists visiting Colorado for skiing and other outdoor winter activities, the number of injuries that occur on Colorado’s slopes is unfortunately high.

For over 35 years, Roger T. Castle has been focused on handling personal injury cases throughout Colorado and the West. Having 35+ years of experience representing clients that sustained serious injuries, including paralysis, his knowledge of all injury cases is extensive.

This work has included representing many victims of skiing and snow sports injuries, including world-class athletes, many out-of-state visitors, and even skiers from Europe.

Collisions between skiers and snowboarders have become a serious and far too common problem. A surprising number of skiers and boarders give little concern for those around them.  They too often speed, come around blind corners without caution, take jumps without knowing who/what is below the jump, come speeding out of the trees, or just ski or board out of control.  Colorado law has fortunately addressed this issue and holds such skiers and boarders responsible for the injuries and harms that they cause.

Skiers who are injured may be hesitant to contact someone for legal help, assuming that they cannot collect from the at-fault skier/boarder.  A surprising number of these reckless skiers do have the ability to pay for the losses that they cause, as they have protection through their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.  Your attorney can get this information and can usually be successful in collecting for those injuries and losses.

We have represented many people injured in skiing, snowboarding, and tubing incidents. We have helped clients with injuries caused by:

  • Reckless, speeding, or out-of-control skiers and snowboarders.
  • Ski lift failures
  • Lift operator errors
  • Snowmobile collisions with skiers
  • Negligent design and maintenance of ski slopes
  • Collisions with dangerous ski area obstructions

If you have been injured in a ski or snow incident in Colorado, but you reside in another state or country, your case will almost always have to be prosecuted in Colorado’s state or federal courts by an attorney who is licensed in Colorado. So as soon as possible, talk to a  Colorado attorney .  It is also important to retain a Colorado attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with Colorado’s unique ski laws and ski practices.

Below are some of the more common situations in which skiers can become severely injured. For more information or to schedule your free initial consultation, contact our office today.

Claims Against Other Skiers And Snowboarders

Too many skiers and snowboarders do not take care to notice, respect, and avoid other skiers and snowboarders. Colorado law clearly places the responsibility on the “uphill” skier to avoid collisions with those below. If you have been injured as a result of a collision with another skier or snowboarder, and they were the cause of your collision, we may well be able to help you recover your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Do not hesitant to at least call us for initial advice and help with these collisions, even if you are reluctant to “file a suit” against the other skier. Often times, we can collect your losses and harm from the insurance.

Claims Involving Lifts And Machinery

The ski lifts, snowmobiles and other machinery that are used to operate and maintain a ski area can be extremely dangerous if they are improperly operated or are defective. We have handled cases in which chair lifts malfunctioned, where the lifts were improperly operated, and where people were injured by another piece of equipment such as a snowmobile or snow-grooming machine. When snowmobiles and grooming machines are traveling “upstream”—in the opposite direction of the flow of the skiers—they can be very dangerous. If the individual operator of these machines or lifts was an employee of the resort/ski area, the resort itself is legally responsible for the careless actions of its employees.

Claims Against Ski Resorts And Areas

Occasionally, skiing injuries occur that should have been prevented by proper maintenance or conduct of the ski area or resort. Unfortunately and unfairly, Colorado law now restrictively limits claims arising from even the unreasonable actions of the resort/ski area. However, it is critical that you seek out knowledgeable legal advice on any serious injury that was the fault of the resort or ski area. Our firm will carefully analyze the law and we may be able to help you obtain needed compensation if the ski area/resort’s fault caused the injuries that you suffered.

Please feel free to contact our office today anytime for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss how we can help you deal with the aftermath of your skiing accident.