Brain And Spinal Cord Injuries

Receiving Long-Term Care After A Brain Injury

When the negligence of another person causes a spinal cord or brain injury, your life is forever changed. At the law office of Roger T. Castle, P.C., we have over 35 years of experience helping clients in Denver and throughout Colorado receive the compensation they need when they have suffered a brain or spinal cord injury. Contact us online or call 303-731-0485 to learn more our experience.

Moderate Brain Injuries – Do Not Wait to Go to the Doctor!

Many people with a moderate brain injury put off telling the doctor about their “cognitive” (thinking) symptoms. Often, this is because they are more focused on their other injuries like bone fractures. Other times people assume their brain/thinking will get better soon and don’t want to complain to the doctor about every ailment. If you were in an accident, procrastination about reporting your brain/thinking symptoms could hurt your chances of receiving the compensation that you genuinely deserve.

If you do not report your symptoms to the doctor once those symptoms of a brain injury begin to appear, you are making your case more difficult. Insurance attorneys will always try to argue that you are a fake and a fraud, even when your symptoms are entirely honest and legitimate, if you delay in reporting those symptoms. Proving a connection between your brain injury and your accident, without a doctor’s early diagnosis, can be very difficult. But even with a doctor’s support, such injuries are still subjected to intense and unfair questioning by the opposing insurance attorneys whenever you delay reporting those symptoms even for a few weeks.

Spinal Cord And Severe Brain Injuries–Long Term Care

After a spinal cord or severe brain injury, there is nothing more important than receiving good long-term care. Long-term care and needed living accomodations are expensive, but they are also critically necessary for people who have suffered a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. In order to obtain that care, first you should only hire an attorney who has experience and wisdom in the proof of those long-term future care costs. Second, an experienced attorney can also help you look at your own insurance coverages and make sure you obtain the best benefits available there.  Roger has helped many folks with spinal cord injuries and severe brain injuries obtain the much needed recovery for their future and long-term care needs.

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