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Roger Castle has over 3 decades of experience in counseling and representing victims of medical errors and malpractice. When the people that you relied upon to provide you with proper medical care violate the known rules and standards of good medical practice, or they act carelessly and unreasonably in conducting your surgery or treatment, and you suffer life-changing and permanent injuries, contact us online today to carefully evaluate your situation and help you  decide on any possible legal action. Medical negligence cases are both difficult and expensive. You should never consider one without the advice and help of an attorney who has many years of experience with medical negligence cases. Our cases involving medical or nursing errors span more than 35 years and have included:

  • Failure to diagnose existing cancer (e.g., colon, uterine, skin), stroke, heart attack, spinal meningitis, or pulmonary embolism
  • Failure to remove all surgical sponges and surgical instruments before closing the surgery site
  • Failure to recognize and repair obvious bone fractures
  • Operating on the wrong limb or at the wrong level of back/spine vertebrae
  • Gross anesthesia errors resulting in brain damage or death
  • Failure to timely treat cancer, spinal meningitis or pulmonary embolism (blood clots) 
  • Gross nursing home neglect
  • Hospital falls due to an unreasonable lack of supervision
  • Careless bowel perforations and punctures when performing other unrelated surgeries – resulting in severe or even deadly infections
  • Negligently cutting nerves and blood vessels
  • Tight cast problems (resulting in loss of limb or the death of muscle tissue)
  • Chemical or laser burns
  • Birth trauma to baby and mother from unreasonably conducted deliveries
  • Incontinence of bowel or urine due to episiotomy or other causes
  • Performing surgical procedures without the patient’s consent

Roger T. Castle has 35 years of experience representing clients in medical negligence matters. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Colorado medical malpractice attorney, please call 303-731-0485 or contact us online today to discuss the options available to you.